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Ultimately, we statement recent sexual habits among dudes that has recently paid down to possess sex

We failed to make reviews anywhere between dudes who'd perhaps not has just covered sex once the frequency is actually very low. Such data are meant to https://orhidi.com/en/s/models/gb-england/manchester feel descriptive simply.

Overall performance

Sao Paulo had the highest proportion of men who had ever been CSW clients (26.5 %), followed by Cuernavaca (10.4 %) and Tampa (4.9 %, p < 0.001). In Sao Paulo 23.0 % had ever paid women for sex as compared to 10.1 % in Cuernavaca and 4.6 % in Tampa (p < 0.001).

Dining table ? Table1 step 1 presents sociodemographic and sexual correlates from spending money on sex, stratified of the investigation webpages. In Sao Paulo, increased proportion out of CSW members was basically old 24–40 years; solitary, separated, or widowed; got highest informative attainment; and you can were MSMW.